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"Countless millenia ago, the great gods took on a bet to see who could form a better world. The Elements gave birth to the lands of Torlall, split into two realms, one devoted to the old ways of magic, and the other to technology..."

Dark Rifts

Dark Rifts is a fractured world: one side with magic and the other side with technology. The two realms meet in eternal combat for the Objects of Power which hold abilities that can turn the tide of battle!

Dark Rifts was born January 11, 2003 around the premise of two mirror worlds where players struggle to take and keep objects of power.

Dark Rifts went beta on January 11, 2006--three years of development after it was originally conceived.

On January 11, 2007, four years after the Elements originally convened, Dark Rifts reached Live status, and is fully open for play.

Dark Rifts is currently "ruled" by five elements: Krynor, Zelgar, Cyliena, Leekle, and Relax. We have around 10 active Immortals who spend their waking moments working on new content, guilds, ideas, and other code.

Top 5 reasons to play here

Dark Rifts features

  • ANSI colors
  • centralized mud-wide chatline and chatline history system
  • centralized emote system with responses; emotes are integrated into the channel system (550+ emotes in-game)
  • eight unique guilds in-game with several more in development
  • in-game clubs, a social-centric entity for players who share common interests
  • more than 70 unique areas in two realms
  • more than fifteen playable races (some of which have to be discovered)
  • a quest system with journaling, quest points, and other rewards
  • a qwest system with qwest points for immortals to acheive advancement
  • indexed (and searchable) help documentation and command help
  • full day/night cycle with day/night oriented longs, shorts, events and mobiles
  • full weather cycle with seasons and seasonal weather
  • multi-material based objects
  • food, drink, potions, armor, weapons, containers, alcohol, diseases...
  • player parties
  • realm-based pk


As of January 11, 2007, we are now LIVE! We are still working on adding new areas and guilds, with new things popping up as our dedicated staff completes them.

How to connect

If you're interested in joining us, please connect to us at:

address - darkrifts (dot) org
port - 5000

There are many options available for what mud client you want to use. We highly recommend not using Windows Telnet, it is quite difficult to use, and rather clunky. Some of the possible clients that you may be interested in looking into are:

  • Mudlet - A cross-platform, customizable client. You can add lua scripts to create your own add-ons, or grab some from their premade set. Comes with an automapper, timers, aliases, and more.
  • puTTY - A free, lightweight, raw telnet client. This is MUCH better than Windows Telnet, but is devoid of many of the standard MUD client features such as triggers and macros. This can be used from a flash drive without any installation, so nice for travel-based MUDding. (Zelgar uses this from work)
  • CMud - Zugg's mud client that replaced ZMud. Costs $29.95 to purchase, 30-day free trial. Built-in automapper, triggers, scripting, etc. (Relax uses this)
  • ZMud - Zugg's stand-by client, costs $29.95 to purchase, 30-day free trial. Built-in automapper, triggers, scripting, etc. (Cyliena uses this)
  • There are many others out there, both free and pay-for-use style. All you need is A client to play, no specific one is needed.

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