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August 1, 2004 (written by Flake)

This site runs on top of Apache 2.0 using a series of hand-written PHP scripts and hand-written Python scripts. In some places, it extracts dynamically generated data from the mud by use of a bridge we wrote which allows non-mud programs to connect to the mud, submit a query, and get back a response.

Most of it was thrown together in 15 minutes or so by Flake and other folks. We go through the main pages and update them every month or so to reflect reality.

Immortal web-sites are maintained by the immortal in question. Most of our immortals build a web-site to reflect what they're currently working on and then don't update it that much.

Guild web-sites are maintained by their respective guild coders. Guilds web-site information is only one way to learn about a guild... Other ways include logging in and checking the help system for the guild, asking other players about guilds, and various rumors and innuendo learned by talking with NPCs.

The goal of this web-site is to inform potential players what our world is like, list the features we've implemented, and give them lots of reasons why they will want to play here. This web-site will also list rules and regulations for playing on Dark Rifts.

This site will also have a portal for players and immortals to log in, read mud-mail, and do various other things. The portal is currently running and the immortals use it to browse in-game documentation, check debug logs, and some other similar things. The infrastructure is there for building web-mud-mail and also building in the player side of things--we'll get there when we get there.

As of 2011 Flake has retired from immortalhood, which is a huge downer, Zelgar has taken over maintenance of the website and all its functions. PHP has been updated, so a ton of things needed to be updated to continue working on the website. Things may still be a little weird, as he is still working out bugs with some of the bridging functions to the mud.

Content, copyright, owners, ...

All text on this web-site is copyrighted 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007 by the respective DarkRifts authors who wrote the work in question. Any plagarization will be met with severe karmic penalties. Only uncreative jackasses plagarize, lift content and call it their own.

Immortals are responsible for and own the content on their individual web-sites.

Guilds are responsible for and own the content on their individual web-sites.

We object to people stealing content from other places. If you find that we have stolen content from somewhere else, please let us know and we'll do some research and work to resolve the situation. Send such complaints to admin at darkrifts dot org.