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Top 5 reasons to play here

Do we think we have the best mud ever? Obviously no, but we're really super-awesome with tons of features! Here are 5 killer reasons you should play here:

  1. You can have an unlimited number of characters. We encourage you to experiment, explore, and enjoy.
  2. Optional quests which allow you to earn fame, fortune (coins and persistant equipment), and improved mortal status! Quest Journals which eliminate the need for paper and pencil notes.
  3. ANSI colors, weather, day/night, seasons, 9 playable guilds, 2 realms, 3 clubs, 53 unique areas,
  4. We reward players who discover issues and bring them to our attention. We have a friendly staff who are open to suggestions for improvement (though we obviously can't do everything).
  5. Our mud is still young--this is the perfect time to start playing here and help shape our future!

Log in, wander about, chat with us, and become part of the Dark Rifts community. A mud does not define its players--the players define the mud.

[Actually, we do think we're the best mud ever.]